How to Leverage Virtual Learning in the Long-Term

Going forward, virtual learning and training could become the new normal, especially as government employees look to learn new skills.

COVID-19 has forced agencies to revise how they operate, with most now teleworking and slowly planning office returns. However, critical compliance and professional development training need to continue.

But converting in-person programs to online doesn’t always translate well. The right technology is needed for engaging, mobile-friendly and secure learning. Telework has also exposed scores of critical skills gaps within government workforces. Using digital tools, agencies can emphasize the “human” in “human capital” no matter where their employees are working to create engaging content.

Below are best practices for agencies looking to implement long-term programs for virtual learning:

1. Embrace Cloud Computing

Using cloud, agencies can quickly, cheaply and efficiently deliver online programs to employees. Cloud’s flexibility also means agencies can scale their oerings to meet their workforce demands. Gradually, cloud saves agencies energy, money and time on virtual learning.

2. Adopt Automation

Automation involves machines performing processes with little to no human intervention. In terms of virtual learning, automation can boost the flexibility agencies have with oering lessons. Automation can deliver these programs at any time, and it can also do so faster and with fewer errors than humans.

3. Remember Employee Experience

Virtual learning hinges on customer experience. Agencies that consider their employees’ experiences will eventually deliver the best virtual learning to them. Even better, these workers will feel more connected, engaged, productive and creative after higher-quality experiences.

4. Emphasize the Human Experience

First, “humanize” virtual learning by offering health, wellness and professional development programs online to make employees feel valued. Second, think about what knowledge each program conveys and whether it’s best suited for in-person or online experiences. Third, determine how leaders behave in-person and online so executive presence exists across every medium.

This blog post is an excerpt from our recent infographic, The New Normal: How Telework Impacts Training, download the full infographic to explore survey results from 280 federal, state and local government employees and contractors about their expectations for virtual initiatives in the years to come at their agencies here.


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