How to Make Customer Experience Your Mission

Government’s primary responsibility is to its citizens. Unfortunately, though, customer experience (CX) in government often doesn’t measure up to citizens’ expectations. But today, a new opportunity exists for agencies to incorporate CX as a key component of their missions.

The gap between citizen expectations and government CX is significant. In a recent GovLoop survey, 65% of respondents reported that customer experience (CX) is a priority at their agencies – and yet 80% of federal agencies have CX scores that rate as “poor” or “very poor” in the Forrester CX Index.

Fortunately, the solutions to your agencies’ CX pains are at hand. Check out this new infographic to dig deeper into the results of our survey, to learn three key elements of a CX strategy, and to explore the technology solutions to consider when improving government CX.

This blog post is an excerpt from our new infographic, Making Customer Experience Your Mission. Download the full printable version here to learn how government agencies can bridge the gap between the expectation and reality for their CX efforts.

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Avatar photo Mark Hensch

This is an intriguing infographic Uyen! Thanks for bringing attention to it. It’s amazing to hear what the landscape of federal CX currently looks like.