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How To Meet Data and Legal Demands Faster

This blog post is an excerpt from our new worksheet, Going Digital to Solve Your Data and Legal Demands.

On average, governments can’t keep up with the legal demands for their data, even though it is one of the most valuable resources that agencies must use to better serve citizens.

How long does it take your agency to answer a records request? For instance, the Education Department (ED) took 10 working days on average in 2018 to process one type of major federal records request where the desired information existed in a small number of records. The Office of Open Government (OOG) in Wisconsin’s Justice Department (DOJ), meanwhile, reported in 2019 that its employees took an average of 11 calendar days to respond to all record requests in the first half of the year.

Is the biggest challenge for these agencies manual processes, cost or maybe the volume of data?

Take this assessment to help your organization understand what kind of requests it might handle and how an e-discovery solution will help.

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