Is Shopping Online for the Holidays Too Risky?

My favorite part of the holiday season is giving gifts to my friends and loved ones. It’s a joy to see their faces when they open something I’ve hand picked just for them! My least favorite part of the holiday season is the traffic, the crowds, and the long lines at the stores. This has caused me to become an online gift buyer. However, last night when trying to shop for my parents’ Christmas gifts, I lost my internet connection at a crucial moment.

I’ve also heard about folks who thought their order had gone through, but never received their order, leaving them high and dry on Christmas Eve.

We recently asked GovLoop members to tell us about the most inopportune time their internet didn’t work. Well, mine was definitely last night when I didn’t know if my order had gone through or not! Has this ever happened to you?

Have you found that it is easier to buy online or to just battle the crowds and leave a store with something in your hands?

I know i’ll think twice before buying gifts while on my unreliable internet connection!


Now, when you think about your internet connection, think about how much more reliable it can be. CenturyLink, a proud partner of GovLoop, is available for all of your connection needs.

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