You Know You’re a Govie When…

When you’re a govie, there’s a variety of things that only you and your peers might understand. Here at GovLoop, we adore govie employees and all that you do — we think you’re a very special group of people. So for fun, the GovLoop staff chimed in on a series of things that make you a govie. We wanted to catalog them (with GIFs, no less). Without further ado, here are just a few of things that define you as a government employee.

Make sure to head to the bottom of the post to add in your own “You Know You’re a Govie When…”

You bring up the Department of Interior’s Instagram feed at a party

During the winter your browser homepage is set to OPM’s status page

You plan major life events (weddings, your child’s baptism perchance) based on the congressional recess schedule

You can’t see your desk because it’s covered in lanyards and name badges from gov events

You celebrate New Year’s on September 30th.

You get sign-offs on your grocery lists

You consider your finest artwork to be done with a whiteboard and dry erase markers

You tell your kids they are sequestered instead of grounded

You thank the FDA after buying your food

You set money limits on your Christmas gifts

Instead of buying a new couch, you procure one

You and your best friend speak only in government acronyms

You actually have positive DMV stories because you know all about their recent efforts to go digital

Your Kindle is full of white papers

Your last fight ended in a continuing resolution

You are not allowed to work overtime, but you do anyways (don’t tell your boss!)

Your list of fave celebs includes federal CTOs and chief budget officers

You carry a Blackberry, iPhone and tablet. But none can access your personal email

You debate the merits of the C Fund and G Fund

You have an award-winning collection of lanyards

You are okay asking your co-workers how much money they make (what grade level are you? Step 1?)

You have USAJOBS bookmarked

You take two weeks off, because you have too much PTO built up

Per diem becomes your budget constraint, even on vacation

You love your country and work harder for the public good than anyone we know

So, there you have it. Now we want to hear from you! In the comments, fill in this blank: You know you’re a govie when _______

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Juana Williams

OMG, too funny! And who told you about my lanyards and name badges?? LOL
Where is that “awesome” icon! This blog deserves an awesome!

Carol Davison

When seeing the Capitol Building, you are HUMBLED and AWED with the responsibility entrusted to you by the American public. God Bless American and all of her veterans. Sniff!


Okay. As a foreigner, I don’t understand some of this. However, I feel that our cultural commonality can be found in getting sign off on grocery lists. Thank you. 🙂 Fun list. Made my day!


Excellant! As a municipal employee….when you can’t walk down the main street of town during a work day with out being asked if you are on vacation? When you automatically call the street department when you notice an issue that needs to be fixed as you are driving around town. When you get several calls in one day asking where a certain street is……you know there must be a good garage sale advertised for that block.

Tam W

“During the winter your browser homepage is set to OPM’s status page”…best one…even my kids will wake up and ask, “What did OPM say?”


You know you’re a govie when…you wear your agency credentials or badge and prominently display them with pride – just to to Starbucks!

Shelly Nuessle

I cant hang up my coat because of all the lanyards.

You know you’re a govie when a conference presenter cuts the Fed cost down because they know you’re on a CR.


You know you’re a govie when… your 2 year old asks “Mummy what are those people doing on the grass?” and your answer is “Honey that is Terrigal Wamberal Junior Rugby League Football Club. They are currently undertaking training on Brendan Franklin Sportsground as its Tuesday night and that is their allocated training night within the 25 hours they are allowed to use the ground per week in accordance with Council’s Seasonal Allocation Policy and the Sportsground Management Strategy”.

John Ballou

because you want to do everything you can to help our military for all they have done, are doing and are willing to do for all of us back home who enjoy the freedoms we have in this Great country…..

Karen Baker

when you take your toddler for a stroll and he only announces “manhole” when you are out for a walk instead of “tree!” or “dog!”; and while out for ride with preschoolers they recognize and shout out “stewer plant!” (sewage treatment plant – where the sewers go) and “Landfill!” every time they pass one. When they are teens, they won’t throw anything away withough asking “is this recyclable?”, and they pick up trash rather than step over it at festivals (with a plastic bag over their hand of course to avoid pathogens!) because they know some civil servant will be out at dawn the next day having to clean up the mess. When they see a giant pothole or a pole tilted over they say “Shouldn’t we call somebody about that?”