Addicted to Online Engagement?


My name is Emily and I am a tad addicted to online shopping. Target, Gap, Pottery Barn – your products are my kryptonite.  Yes. I said it. Phew, I feel better now.

But I don’t think I am fully to blame for my tendency to click purchase on a new pair of boots or the Taylor Swift CD. (Sorry, not sorry), because every day I am bombarded with emails telling me about the latest must-have products.

If you are anything like me you get tens of emails a day, with the latests shopping deals and hidden secrets. Of course I click, how could I not?

The government is starting to take advantage of some of the same marketing strategies employed by top retailers. For example, the Wisconsin state government sent out an email to 17,000 snowmobile drivers who needed to renew their license. Wisconsin used an email to send out a specific request to a very focused group of people – residents who had already had a snowmobile license previously. And it worked! The email blast led to a huge increase in online snowmobile registration.

While Wisconsin was able to identify a specific portion of the population to target with its email, many other governments are not so fortunate. That’s why GovLoop and GovDelivery teamed up to create an infographic, 6 Stages of an Email that Works

Follow through the journey of these three successful emails from Federal, State and European public sector organization:


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