Meeting Your Professional Development Resolutions

Twenty-one days into the new year, how are your resolutions holding up?

Whether you’ve stuck to them like glue or you completely forgot about them by January 2nd, we’re here to help guarantee that you’ll meet your professional development resolutions for the year.

Register for the 2021 NextGen Government Training Virtual Summit, and you’ll get access to a two-day event where you can develop new skills, make new connections and grow as a public servant.

Taking place virtually Aug. 4-5, 2021, the Summit will feature inspiring keynotes and informative breakout sessions tailored with the needs of our community in mind.

The purpose of the Summit is to:

  • Inspire, develop and prepare emerging leaders in government.
  • Provide training and leadership opportunities for rising leaders in government.
  • Prepare new managers, supervisors and project leaders to excel in the government of the future.
  • Help create the absolute best next generation of government.

2020 was a tough year full of unexpected changes, and 2021 promises to have more than its fair share of challenges as well. Already, public servants are working to adapt to a new presidential administration, all while continuing to face challenges brought about by the pandemic.

The 2021 NextGen Summit is intended to help you develop the skills, resiliency and innovative thinking necessary to thrive in our rapidly changing world. Get registered today, invite your peers, and we’ll look forward to seeing you virtually in August!


P.S. For help with those New Year’s resolutions, you can also check out our 2021 Goal Setting Worksheet.


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