The Power of Data Collection for a Healthy Community

This blog post is an excerpt from our recent Industry Perspective, Building Healthy Communities with GIS-based Mobile Data Collection. To download the report, head here.

A healthy community is one in which a diverse group of stakeholders collaborate to use their expertise and local knowledge to create a community that is socially and physically conducive to their health. The data that exists has the potential, when properly shared and organized, to help understand health problems and build healthy communities.

But today, the public sector faces the challenge of moving from a static model of data collection, analysis, modeling and planning, to a modernized approach of moving from real time data collection to action. Why? There exists a lack of best practices, standardization, experience, skills and technology about data use, as well as overly-siloed operations where departments do not share data – even within their own organizations.

Esri can help you overcome these challenges by providing scalable solutions that help organizations better understand how to apply GIS to the health of their communities. With Esri’s technology, you can share data and collaborate across your program, department and organization. It is not only necessary to collaborate internally, but essential to connect with partners in the community such as education, city government, public safety and non-profits to lay the foundation for a healthy community.

Nowhere is this ability to share and connect data and information more evident than in Esri’s ability to power GIS with field data collection.

Mobile data collection apps allows you to collect and process data out in the field, in your office, or in any other location – a truly powerful ability that allows you to reach your community where they are and where you need to be. Both online or offline, your workforce can access maps and collect and view real-time information.

With GIS software, you can bring data straight from the field into a geodatabase in a seamless workflow – and also take GIS data back into the field via collector mobile device or laptop computer. GIS software is customized to best meet your needs by optimizing the functionality needed to complete the task.


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