Creating an End-to-End Citizen Experience

Citizens today expect to have control over how and where they consume public-sector services. These digitally savvy customers are increasingly seeking access to services in new ways, sometimes skipping the traditional office visit or phone call altogether. Instead, they’re turning to mobile websites and apps, and social media to connect with the organization of their choice.

Forward-thinking organizations are proactively responding to these changes, seeking ways to accommodate citizens’ preferences. To deliver these personalized experiences, innovative organizations in both government and the private sector are listening to and learning from the people they serve.

Amtrak is a great example. This quasi-government agency is reinventing itself from a 1970s passenger railroad company to a modern digital services organization by mapping the end-to-end customer journey — and enhancing its mobile experiences before, during and after transit.

Likewise, London Heathrow — Europe’s busiest airport — has improved its understanding of customer behavior and preferences across multiple channels, and personalized the customer experience for its passengers.

When organizations and agencies improve the customers’ digital experience, it benefits both parties. Organizations that better understand who their customers are and how to best serve them can proactively address needs rather than reacting to problems. Streamlined processes and simplified transactions improve the citizen experience, reducing the likelihood of unnecessary frustrations.

In this report, we explore how Amtrak and Heathrow approach the end-to-end digital experience. And you’ll find out how Adobe can partner with agencies to create exceptional omnichannel experiences in today’s increasingly mobile environment.