Improving CX in Your Agency Through Contact Center Modernization

There’s a major shift in government to transform the way citizens interact with agencies across a variety of platforms. More specifically, there is a concerted effort to deliver consistent, seamless and personalized experiences.

Today, citizens demand intuitive services across voice, social media, chat, SMS and all types of automated self-services. To better understand agencies’ top customer experience (CX) challenges and what benefits they hope to gain from efforts such as contact center modernization, GovLoop partnered with Genesys, an omnichannel CX solutions provider, to produce this report.

As part of our research, GovLoop surveyed 140 government employees who are knowledgeable about CX initiatives at their agencies. About half said CX has been stagnant in the past year and most cite communication silos as their greatest challenge to providing better experiences for citizens.

In this report, you’ll gain insights about agencies’ sentiments toward CX and how they are modernizing their contact centers. We also share insights from Stuart Crutchfield, Senior Strategic Business Consultant at Genesys, on specific steps agencies can take to improve overall CX.