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Why should we build business services to support community networks in advance of disasters?

Every year hurricanes, floods, fires, ice storms and other natural disasters visit the United States. We know that they are going to happen. With planning, we can use networks to lessen their impact, improve safe response, and put those affected back into normal routines quickly. When disasters do happen we know that they will disruptRead… Read more »

Government, Twitter, and the News

Last Wednesday, a tweet was sent from @rdsahl: Gov Patrick: WashPost blog floats your name for HHS. Are you in the mix? Would you take if offered. Thanks. Fortunately, staff in the Governor’s Office was watching Twitter. They not only look for tweet “replies” directly to @MassGovernor, but also use Twitter Search‘s RSS feature andRead… Read more »

GovLoop Member of the Week – Craig Newmark, Customer Service Rep and Founder,

His envelopes are addressed to Mr. Newmark, but the founder of the online classified list website is better known for his first name: Craig. When not busy with craigslist, or working with the Craigslist Foundation, a community-building platform, Craig is a member of GovLoop. Craig graciously agreed to be profiled as a GovLoop member ofRead… Read more » – A Modest Proposal

Have you ever wondered why there’s no This is a valuable and easy to remember URL that the government doesn’t currently use. And it should, for we all depend on the ocean for the very air we breathe. When I was at NOAA, it was explained to me that there’s no web site atRead… Read more »

Got State and Local Gov 2.0 Examples?

Greetings GovLoopers! In light of Nicole Crane’s previous blog post, I’m inspired to ask for your help. Next week, I am delivering a webinar on Web 2.0 and government for the California Certified Public Manager Program. To date, my presentation has included mostly Federal examples. Since the audience will be state and local employees, I’dRead… Read more »

Microloans and macro effects (Join me?)

[Update Feb 4, 2009: I’ve created a GovLoop group and kiva lending team.] Have you heard of the microfinancing concept? The basic idea is that by making very small loans to entrepeneurs in developing areas, you help them help themselves and contribute to the local economy. Thanks to Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist,com, I learnedRead… Read more »

Networking & Disability

Good day everyone. I am a newbie to the group. My name is Dave Churney and I am currently trying to look for a job in federal government and/or just a job in this economy. I have two questions for everyone and they deal with networking and disability. It is great to find groups likeRead… Read more »