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Is Loyalty a Thing of the Past?

Recently I had lunch with one of my best friends. She re-entered the workforce a year ago after staying home when her kids were little. She wanted to know my opinion on loyalty in the work place. Does it exist? Do people feel an attachment to their employer? In her case, she said she feltRead… Read more »

Firefox was removed from my government PC – Why this is a symptom of a bigger problem

Social Connect via: This week, Firefox was removed from my government work PC. This action itself was relatively minor and hardly noteworthy. However, the removal of the Firefox web browser is a symptom of a greater problem within government information technology and restricting public servants in being productive through the technology they use to doRead… Read more »

Have A Nice Conflict

Jim Elliott talks with Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER by cdorobek You are running a little late, and show up to the early morning project team meeting a few minutes after it started. But already things have taken their usual course. Tom is raising his voice and pressing for action on his latest proposal, HelenRead… Read more »

Facebook – The New Personality Assessment Tool For Recruiters?

There’s been PLENTY of discussion about Recruiters and Facebook…seems the discussion isn’t about to wane by any means. As of last month, there’s a study from Northern Illinois University College of Business which found that by simply spending five to ten minutes reviewing a candidates’ Facebook profiles is a better predictor of future job performanceRead… Read more »

Are You a Corporate Rebel?

One of my new favorite sites is Started by Lois Kelly and retired deputy director of intelligence for the CIA, Carmen Medina, the site is meant to give corporate rebels a platform to share their stories and ideas and help more corporations and big organizations succeed because of (not in spite of) their rebels.Read… Read more »

WordPress for Government – A Problem of Perception

Over the past several years WordPress’s market share has enjoyed explosive growth across virtually every industry. Today, it powers nearly a quarter of new sites, and is the CMS of choice for more than two thirds of the top-million sites on the web making it the world’s most popular publishing platform by a long shot.Read… Read more »

Help EPA name our 6-word essay project!

We’re going to do a 6-word essay project for Earth Day. That is, people will write essays exactly six words long. For example: I recycle. Do you? Why not? Earth: we only get one planet. My planet. My home. My environment. We need a short, catchy name, so we’ve set up a quick 1-click poll.Read… Read more »