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What’s the Future of Grants Management?

Yesterday, a House subcommittee held hearings on “Improving Oversight and Accountability in Federal Grant Programs.” Officials from OMB, GAO, federal agencies, and the private sector all testified. And while (in my opinion) there was not a lot of new information or new ideas, the fact that Congress is now paying more attention to grants managementRead… Read more »

What’s New in the Compliance Supplement? – Lisa Hayes

I’ve been looking at the recently released 2011 A-133 Compliance Supplement and found several items of interest (at least to me) that I thought I would pass along. OMB added a a new element to the core compliance requirements to alert auditors and program officials as to whether the reporting requirements of the Transparency ActRead… Read more »

Grants news you can use…

Grant recipients (both pass-through entities and subrecipients) may want to take note of an interesting item in OMB’s recent guidance on implementation of the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act (PL 111-204). OMB says that for grant programs, agencies must consider payment recapture audits at the grant recipient level. “Federal agencies should work with stateRead… Read more »