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How Transit Agencies Can Drive Improvements

Before the pandemic hit, public transit agencies were going through a rough patch, which meant less money for infrastructure, maintenance and modernization.

Daily Dose: Did BART Violate Free Speech?

This month, San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit system disabled service in an effort to thwart protests organized by the group Anonymous. Although cell phone service was only disrupted for a few hours, experts are debating whether BART violated the first amendment or were simply acting in the public safety. BART officials point to theRead… Read more »

Where is The Line Between Public Safety, Free Speech, and the Right to Assemble?

As most of you have probably heard by now, BART had turned off cell towers in three stations in an attempt to stop a potential protest from taking place and being organized using cell phones and social media. A direct result of this announcement came the night after the original protest was planned via aRead… Read more »