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The art of 21st century political protests – and preparing for when it is turned on government agencies and companies

The right for citizens to express political views and to protest (within limits) against specific acts, or inaction, by politicians is one of the fundamental and defining principles of democratic government and has been in place for, well, as long as there’s been democracies. In fact this principle is one which democracies frequently use to… Read more »

Understanding Government Bid Protests

Bidding on a government contract is usually a long undertaking for most vendors – one that costs several hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in time in resources spent researching, evaluating prospects, writing, and finally submitting a proposal. It’s no wonder, therefore, why receiving news of rejection can be heavily disappointing and can often lead… Read more »

Contractors and Procurement Officials: Customer Service Is A Two Way Street

There seems to be a development that is coming more and more to the forefront: the case of the out-of-control Contracting Officer (KO). There are usually two paths to interactions with a KO, one being the KO who is overwhelmed with the workload, doing the best they can to handle it, and simply have very… Read more »

Best Value Means Low Price

A recent protest decision by Planned Systems International Inc., of Columbia, Maryland, illustrates the reality of the federal budget: price is the most important factor is source selection decisions. Lee Dougherty, and attorney at General Councel, nailed it: …In a footnote the GAO also mentioned that PSI showed a lack of understanding between price reasonableness… Read more »

What Insights Can History Provide Us Regarding The Occupy Movement?

As Government leaders, what insights can history teach us regarding the Occupy Movement? Is this a new phenomenon? Is Capitalism really bad? What can we do to educate ourselves and those who are rallying against the current system, about Capitalism’s history and future value?