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Tariffs Among NAFTA Nations Not Dead Yet

As previously featured on this blog, trucking rights for Mexican companies in the US has been NAFTA’s most-enduring hot potato issue, since its ratification 15 years ago. This is tied into the US’ non-compliance with NAFTA’s international trucking provisions. While US companies already operate freely in Mexico, the inverse has not yet come to pass.Read… Read more »

Infrastructure Links Products to Markets Worldwide

KPMG’s Infrastructure Advisory Team has published its “Top 100″ compiling infrastructure projects from around the globe. International channel pros and marketing experts ought to care a lot about the quality of roads, canals, bridges and power transmission systems. It’s inspiration and creativity, on a mammoth scale. Like Hanson Marketing, infrastructure Links Products to Markets Worldwide.Read… Read more »

Economic Recovery in The Americas; Mexico Evolves

Last month, I attended a briefing by Doctor Federico Rubli, Director of External Relations for Banco de Mexico, hosted by San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. Since Banco de Mexico is Mexico’s Central Bank, the equivalent to the US Federal Reserve, it was a privilege for me to hear him speak in such a casual,Read… Read more »

Latin American Baby Boomers Drive Market Growth

Here’s another plug for pursuing business in Latin America: the Nielsen Company recently analyzed the demographics of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico, and estimates that people age 50+ currently make up 19% of the population. But that number will rise to 26% by 2025 and 38% by 2050. The aging population, when combinedRead… Read more »

Commerce’s EDA Grants & Awards Boost Global Exports

The Economic Development Administration (EDA), an arm of the US Department of Commerce, is accepting applications for its 2010 Innovation in Economic Development Awards to spotlight projects of national significance that advance innovation, boost competitiveness and create jobs. Among the four categories, of special interest is one for Innovation in Global Export Promotion, in whichRead… Read more »

White House Hosts National Export Initiative Event

A fellow member of the San Diego & Imperial District Export Council participated in the July 7 event hosted by President Obama, held to promote our National Export Initiative. Kim Benson is an international business leader based in San Diego and is also appointed to the Industry Trade Advisory Center, a unique private-public partnership thatRead… Read more »

Everything Channel: 2010 State of the Market

Today, I attended Everything Channel’s 2010 State of the Market presentation, a great annual scorecard on the state of technology solutions provider channels. The typical survey respondent books about $3.5 million in annual revenues, in b-2-b transactions (no retail data here) so it’s a real-world look at issues facing technology solutions providers across many verticalRead… Read more »

To gain an edge & boost market share for you & your company, speak in foreign tongues!

I am in the midst of being assessed for an international business opportunity, during which I’ve been asked to submit to rigorous but objective assessments of my foreign language skills. It’s not often that professionals get to gauge perception vs. reality regarding claims of proficiency or fluency in any skill set, so I welcomed thisRead… Read more »