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Reshaping and resizing the Pentagon – Plus your Weekend Reads

Government restructuring. It seems like we have been talking about eliminating duplicative programs for years. But there hasn’t been much progress. But now that sequestration and other budget cuts are on the table a restructuring of government seems to be inevitable, especially at the Defense Department. So how do you restructure correctly? Christopher Lamb isRead… Read more »

We Answer Your Sequestration Questions – The What, Why, When of Furloughs

Sequestration goes into effect on Friday and the quickly approaching deadline has feds asking a lot of questions. Like when will furloughs happen and for how long? Last week we talked with John Mahoney a partner and chair of the Labor and Employment Law Practice at Tully Rinckey about knowing your rights if you areRead… Read more »

Six Challenges Consuming Federal Agencies And How To Overcome Them

Government agencies are being confronted with a multitude of challenges that are forcing leadership to make some drastic changes. Decreased budgets, increasing workloads, and high turn-over are just a few hurdles that agency leaders have to overcome as they struggle to improve the general consensus of working for the federal government. Earlier this year, fifty-fiveRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Students Fundraise amidst NASA Budget Cuts

In college, the Political Science Club I was Treasurer of once held a fundraiser to take a trip to Washington, DC, raising a total $11.64. Raising a ton of money wasn’t the point, though. The point was simply to show that we care about visiting DC, and that the Student Association should allot us aRead… Read more »

The First Cut is the Deepest? Maybe so for the DoD…

“The first cut is the deepest.” It’s a line from a Sheryl Crowe song, but it might as well be the tagline for the Defense Department. The Pentagon is facing a pretty austere environment over the next 10 years if sequestration goes through. The DoD will need to cut roughly 10% in the next 10Read… Read more »