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Wasting Your Greatest Resource? Get the GOAT in the Game!

The greatest performer in your agency may be someone you don’t call on much anymore, someone who’s older or has survived multiple layoffs and in-force reductions. But overlooking those employees is a mistake.

8 Ways the DEIA Directive Will Transform Federal Programs (Part 2)

A federal management directive (MD-715) will help agencies create effective equal employment opportunities. Here are four ways it will reshape how organizations approach diversity and inclusion.

Modernizing Government Talent Acquisition: Six Private-Sector Strategies for More Effective Recruiting

Solving today’s government worker shortage is a battle that calls for fresh thinking and bold solutions. Here are some that work.

Five Ways to Make Your Forms Accessible to Everyone

It’s essential for governments to do everything they can to make their forms as accessible as possible, as they are critical gateways to public services.