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4th Annual FAI National Small Business Event: Washington Days Conference 2013

Dear Colleagues, Federal Allies Institute’s next national conference for small business federal contractors and federal agencies seeking to achieve set-aside goals are encouraged to participate in this very successful annual event, which includes a free year round ombudsman service for small businesses that are located outside the Washington, D.C. area that need “boots on theRead… Read more »

My Cup of IT: Cloud Epiphany

By Steve O’Keeffe — Sitting with the CEO of a $10 billion company. Talking cloud over cocktails. He’s sweating the move to the cloud. Security stress. I ask him what’s his company’s most important, strategic data. He doesn’t blink. Customer information. If we lost it, we’d be out of business. If we were compromised,Read… Read more »

Gridlock Drives Gridlock

It’s true that the D.C. area is home to one of the worst commutes in the nation. Think you can breeze through 66, 270, or the Beltway in rush hour? Good luck to you. They say it’s going to rain. Better luck next time. I’ll bet on something that has better odds, like the lottery.Read… Read more »