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Health Care: Should We Settle for Less?

Recently, I’ve had a few discussions with friends regarding the current Senate health care bill. Is the death of the public option ok, since it got Medicare eligibility lowered to 55? That helps some people, right? More than are helped now, right? So that’s good, right? Wrong. We have apparently been subjected to the obstructionistRead… Read more »

Building a Wiki Community: Pet Projects

Since launching the moderated wiki, Whorunsgov has, on a couple of occasions, created projects to entice people to contribute. We try to focus these projects on narrow topics that people have strong opinions about. The projects include: 1) Tracking Blue Dog Democrats’ stances on the proposed health-care bill 2) Highlighting advocates and lobbyists that workRead… Read more »

Insurance Recission: What You Need to Know.

A terrible crime is being committed against the American public: recission. This is when a private insurance company revokes your policy because of some technicality (whether real or fabricated). And what do you know, this tends to happen right after you’ve been diagnosed with a major illness! Thake the case of Jerome Mitchell, 17 yearRead… Read more »

Our History of Polite Political Dissent

In 1832 in a political attack on President Jackson’s policies, Congressman William Stanbery of Ohio made allegations against Sam Houston, a native Virginian, former congressman from Tennessee, and Jackson supporter who was in Washington to lobby for better treatment of the Cherokee. Incensed, Houston confronted Stanbery outside his boardinghouse and the argument led to HoustonRead… Read more »

From my friend David Axelrod and the White House

From my friend David Axelrod and the White House by Donna L. Quesinberry, Government Business Examiner Dear Friend, This is probably one of the longest emails I’ve ever sent, but it could be the most important. Across the country we are seeing vigorous debate about health insurance reform. Unfortunately, some of the old tactics weRead… Read more »

Twitter is now the #1 Social Media tool used by US Hospitals – cool graph

From Twitter, Andrew P Wilson and #hcsm hastag Twitter is now the #1 Social Media tool used by US Hospitals. See the latest update here: The article is short but the graph is very telling. To learn more please visit: The Health Care Social Media community hosts a weekly online conversation about communication andRead… Read more »