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We the People vs the Original One Percent

“We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal,” but what happens thereafter is subject to circumstance. When it comes to the concept of the “One Percent,” which emerged in the collective consciousness out of the Occupy Movement, perhaps for the words “all men” and “equal” are nuanced terms. In theRead… Read more »

Political Party Conventions Have Several Purposes

Since our schools don’t teach this stuff, this is what the conventions are all about. This week and next, Americans will conduct the most intense stage in the presidential election process. The 2012 Republican National Convention is in progress in Tampa, FL until Thursday, August 30 and the Democrats will convene in Charlotte, NC fromRead… Read more »

CONVENTION – documentary about DNC Denver

CONVENTION is a documentary made about the behind the scenes in the Denver community – focussing on the Denver Municipal Government employees and their role in the success of the Democratic National Convention. This is a wonderful film showing the professionalism, dedication and talent of government employees. It starts on ON Demand May 15th onRead… Read more »

Torture: Do the Ends Justify the Means?

Lately our public dialogue about torture has taken a very frightening turn. No longer is it “did we or didn’t we.” Now it’s become “Yeah we did it. It worked, so it’s ok.” If the last 8 years hadn’t already numbed me to this kind of statement, I would be shocked and sickened. Let’s presumeRead… Read more »