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In Praise of Grinders: They Get The Job Done

Why does everyone have to move up constantly? What is wrong with staying in a place where you’re happy, and doing good work every day?

Starting is Easier Than Stopping

Bob Tiede (@bobtiede) writes on leadership at his website,  On his list of ten questions leaders need to ask themselves, Bob has this nugget about change: “When is the last time I abandoned a program?” Yikes! That is a tough one for us govies. We are skilled at identifying problems and developing solutions, whichRead… Read more »

Looking for Purpose? Look No Further

It’s that time of year again! The next two days we’ll be blogging from GovLoop and YGL’s Next Generation of Government Training Summit. Follow along @NextGenGov and read more blog posts here. “I recently spoke at a conference and was asked to speak about how to make government sexy again…and I can tell by lookingRead… Read more »

Political Party Conventions Have Several Purposes

Since our schools don’t teach this stuff, this is what the conventions are all about. This week and next, Americans will conduct the most intense stage in the presidential election process. The 2012 Republican National Convention is in progress in Tampa, FL until Thursday, August 30 and the Democrats will convene in Charlotte, NC fromRead… Read more »

Transcendent Purpose, Ability to Master and be Self Directed – Chief Factors for great Creativity!!!! Not MONEY….

One of the best presentation that captures artist’s idiocy to become highly skilled contributor to society defeating all economic prudence – transcendent purpose. Working for any public office must be this – Transcendent Purpose and Highly Creative.