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Making Sense of Twitter – the Uber Hashtag

Originally posted at 2011 February 17 tags: #crisisdata, #hashtag, #hsem, #informationsharing, #twitter, SMEM by Sara Estes Cohen I was recently inspired after reading a tweet posted by Hal Grieb, who shared a link to an article on how to communicate a snow event. To ensure the tweet was seen by all potentially interested parties,Read… Read more »

#SMEMChat Fridays at 12:30 p.m. (ET)

Many of us in the #gov20 space are trying to sort through the conundrum of #crisisdata, the result of seemingly endless Facebook posts, tweets, videos, photos and more. There’s great work going on at Crisis Commons and they’ve literally helped people and save lives. For those of us in emergency operations centers and joint informationRead… Read more »