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Twitter Hashtags: 7 Tips and a Decision-Making Flowchart

Summary: Though Twitter hashtags have been around almost as long as Twitter itself, many people still do not understand what they are – or more importantly, how to use them appropriately. This post offers seven tips – plus a decision-making flowchart – to enable Tweeters to not only avoid looking like a Twitter rube, butRead… Read more »

Facebook Attempts to Gain Cool Points With Roll-out of #Hashtags

Proving once again the awesomeness of Twitter, Facebook bit the bullet on hashtags and rolled them out to some users this week. Rumors of Facebook hashtags began to circulate in March, but now that they’re finally here we will begin to see whether they enhance user experience and functionality on Facebook, or indicate that FacebookRead… Read more »

What’s the Best Way to Follow SxSW From Your Desk?

SxSW Interactive, one of the best technology conferences you can attend, kicks off today in sunny Austin, Texas. Unfortunately, even though I’m only one mile away, won’t be attending this year. But that doesn’t mean I can’t keep up with what’s going on in my favorite sessions. At 2:00PM CST, Tim O’Reilly, the founder ofRead… Read more »

Making Sense of Twitter – the Uber Hashtag

Originally posted at 2011 February 17 tags: #crisisdata, #hashtag, #hsem, #informationsharing, #twitter, SMEM by Sara Estes Cohen I was recently inspired after reading a tweet posted by Hal Grieb, who shared a link to an article on how to communicate a snow event. To ensure the tweet was seen by all potentially interested parties,Read… Read more »

4 ways to turn what you’re already doing into blog posts

Originally posted to the ChatterBachs blog: Sometimes when I talk to people about social media, I get the distinct impression that they don’t know what to talk about on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or on blogs. And, yet, when I ask them about their position, business, or industry, they often come across with such passion andRead… Read more »

Getting started on Twitter (and BONUS glossary of terms)

Posted to the ChatterBachs blog and re-posted in its entirety below. I know for some Twitter is a big mystery, a riddle placed before us to perplex the souls of all who dare enter! Therefore, I’d like to provide a quick tutorial on the use of Twitter. If you’re just getting started, there are aRead… Read more »

Hashtags make or break an event (on Twitter, that is)

(Original post at It should simply be another step in the event management process to select and promote an appropriate Twitter hashtag for any contemporary event. I attended the 2010 Women’s Summit in Reno, Nevada, on June 1. Attendees were very excited for keynote speaker Michelle Obama and several expert panels, and were tweetingRead… Read more »