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The Blue Checkmark Gap

12 Percent of State Emergency Management Accounts Marked “Verified” By Twitter (Cross-posting from my Digital PIO blog; originally posted there Oct. 1) I love baseball. I could watch MLB Network around the clock if I didn’t have a job, wife, two little girls and other general societal responsibilities. Like some people, I use my iPhoneRead… Read more »

Web/Social Media Metrics Reports: Hurricane Irene and Major Flooding

It’s been an eventful few weeks in my neck of the woods. Let’s recap: 1.) Aug. 19: Thousands of motorcycle riders paid tribute to 9/11 with a massive ride through Northern Virginia, including Fairfax Co., causing major communications needs for commuters. 2.) Aug. 23: A once-in-a-lifetime earthquake strikes and rattles Virginia. 3.) Aug. 25-29: HurricaneRead… Read more »

#SMEMChat Fridays at 12:30 p.m. (ET)

Many of us in the #gov20 space are trying to sort through the conundrum of #crisisdata, the result of seemingly endless Facebook posts, tweets, videos, photos and more. There’s great work going on at Crisis Commons and they’ve literally helped people and save lives. For those of us in emergency operations centers and joint informationRead… Read more »

GovLaunch – Introducing New Fairfax County News/Engagement Website

Hi everyone, Just wanted to drop by and mention today’s launch of a new local government news/engagement website that I’ve been developing and thinking about for some time. In Fairfax County, our news lived in silos by department or other organizational boundaries. Social media sites existed, but often separate from news delivery and conversation. WeRead… Read more »

The Power of Social Media: H1N1 and Local Government

In case anyone needs more reasons why investing time in social media should be strongly considered, especially at the local government level, I offer this case study (from my own view, of course). In the last three weeks, the H1N1 vaccine has been slowly rolling out to local jurisdictions. In Fairfax County, we’ve now hostedRead… Read more »