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Announcing In 1994 when the USGS launched it’s first website, the web was a very different place. Many websites that were launched had little consideration given to, or even had an understanding of, things such user experience, content strategies, or design. Over the next 20 years our USGS web presence has grown immensely asRead… Read more »

BYOD @ EEOC: case study featured in official WH guidance

Below is the full text of the EEOC’s case study, part of the official White House guidance on BYOD issued earlier today government-wide as part of the Administration’s new Digital Government Strategy. Also see: “Should feds get reimbursed for BYOD?” “BYOD Pilot: Five Lessons Learned” “BYOD and Beyond” U.S. Equal EmploymentRead… Read more »

What Does the Digital Government Strategy Mean for the Future of Gov 2.0?

Twenty-one months ago, I outlined four scenarios for the future of Gov 2.0. Here is a brief recap: SteamGov – The Federal government still uses large, centralized IT architectures and the average Federal worker’s work technology is less capable than the worker’s personal technology. Google.Gov – The Federal government is greatly reduced in size whileRead… Read more »

VanRoekel Provides Updates on the Digital Government Strategy

In the last few months, the White House has initiated a few really interesting programs and initiatives working to transform government through technology. Last month, the administration released the Digital Government Strategy, and is now working to deliver on the strategy. Last week, federal CIO Steven VanRoekel provided an update on the Digital Government StrategyRead… Read more »

Implementation of the Digital Government Strategy

from’s blog: Building a Better Digital Government The new Digital Government Strategy released by the White House aims to drive fundamental change in how we manage digital information and services to better serve the American people. There’s been a robust discussion online about the Strategy and what it means for government–which is itself aRead… Read more »