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CB2: Who’s Trapped Inside? IPS Has the Answer

When a gunman entered Discovery Channel headquarters with a list of demands, our attention shifted from a strengthening Hurricane Earl to the safety of those people inside the building. How many are still inside? Where are they? Are they safe? While we may be better prepared for building-wide crises after 9/11 and tragedies like VirginiaRead… Read more »

7th Circuit eDiscovery Pilot Program Committee Issues Phase 1 Report

The Seventh Circuit eDiscovery Pilot Program Committee has issued Seventh Circuit eDiscovery Pilot Program: Report on Phase One: May 20, 2009-May 1, 2010 (May 2010). Here is most of the executive summary: The Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program was initiated in May 2009 as a multi-year, multi-phase process to develop, implement, evaluate, and improveRead… Read more »