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Improving EEO in the Federal Workplace; What’s Your Priority?

* UPDATE: Since the time of this original post one year ago, the EEOC has approved and issued the Federal Sector Complement Plan referred to below. Click here to read it. – DBG ____________________________________________________________ The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has announced it is seeking public input on federal sector priorities under the agency’sRead… Read more »

EEO 101: Harassment — Part II

Hopefully, you have never been harassed at work and never will be. But what would you do if such a situation occurred? Would you know where to turn and what steps to take? Do you know your employment rights and the laws protecting you? What constitutes harassment? You probably have a good general idea ofRead… Read more »

How to Not Get Fired Using Facebook at Work: The Writing’s on the (Wrong) Wall

Last year, a couple colleagues and I put together a workshop (full slides below) entitled, “How to Use Social Media and Not Jeopardize Your Job.” I delivered a variation of it at the Philadelphia Federal Executive Board’s EEO and Diversity Day back in November. During the workshop, participants break into small groups to grapple withRead… Read more »