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Eugene Hudson Jr. elected Secretary-Treasurer; Augusta Thomas reelected NVP, Women’s and Fair Practices J. David Cox today was elected national president of the American Federation of Government Employees during the union’s 39th National Convention in Las Vegas. Eugene Hudson Jr. was elected National-Secretary Treasurer, while Augusta Thomas was reelected National Vice President for Women’s andRead… Read more »

Can You Hear the Whistle?

Michael Pilato, creator of the Penn State mural “Inspiration,” made a change to his painting Saturday, removing the halo over former football coach Joe Paterno. This visual fall from glory was preceded by the July 12 release of a damning, 267-page investigative report on the on-going child abuse scandal, compiled by former FBI director LouisRead… Read more »

EEO 101: Harassment — Part II

Hopefully, you have never been harassed at work and never will be. But what would you do if such a situation occurred? Would you know where to turn and what steps to take? Do you know your employment rights and the laws protecting you? What constitutes harassment? You probably have a good general idea ofRead… Read more »

Advocacy Day on Capital Hill with Federally Employed Women (FEW), Today!

TODAY WE NEED YOU TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. MAKE A PHONE CALL TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVE AND PARTICIPATE IN OUR NATIONWIDE LETTER-WRITING CAMPAIGN TO SEVEN BILL SPONSORS Federally Employed Women (FEW) announced that in conjunction with the 112th Congress and FEW’s National Legislative Agenda, FEW is conducting a nationwide Advocacy Day on TODAY!. Kicking off ourRead… Read more »

Employee group shows impact of proposed cuts on government services

In today’s Federal Diary, Washington Post Columnist Joe Davidson makes reference to Federally Employed Women’s recent publication “Federal Workers Keep America Running: Every Hour of Every Day”. What’s your take on Feds Keep America Running? This just scratches the surface, but provides food for thought on the services feds provide that so many AmericansRead… Read more »

Why Government Employees Are More Important Than Ever

For the past few decades, respect for those choosing a career in public service has definitely waned. Following President Obama’s announcement of freezing pay for federal workers, the debate about the value and future role of federal employees will certainly become a lightening rod issue for Congress and the media. Having begun my career workingRead… Read more »

War on Talent? Really?!

I recently read an interesting article on the recession and its effects on an employee’s relationship with their employer. The findings they released last week are thought provoking to say the least. A little about the study – it was a global study (Global Workforce Study from Towers Watson which concluded January 2010) of overRead… Read more »