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A tale of the social media one-way street: City of Manor reverts back to the dark ages…

Reposting this from my blog “Social Media in the Public Sector“: Remember the unbelievable Government 2.0 and social media success story of the City of Manor – a small town in Texas? Dustin Haisler, former city manager & CIO of Manor, was the driving force behind the use of WordPress to redesign the city’sRead… Read more »

Why are our bosses so eager to warn us we’re laid off?

It’s Friday night, December 16th about 10:00 p.m. and my boss called me to let me know I’d been laid off. “But wait, it’s not midnight yet and the House passed the budget“, I say. “No, if things don’t get passed you can’t come to work on Monday”, he said. So I’m a little ticked,Read… Read more »

Congress cuts Data.Gov

Originally published: Once again someone is doing it wrong on the internet and I feel I need to point it out. In this case, the someone is the United States congress, which as part of its budgetary battle with the whitehouse has decided to reduce funding for a range of Gov2.0/Open Government initiatives fromRead… Read more »