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Mobile and Your Council

First published here: Here are some numbers for you: Mobile market saturation – 100%[1] Smart phone saturation – 50%[1] Mobile Enabled Council Sites: 5%[2] So here we are in 2012, pretty much everyone has a mobile phone, half of them have a “smart phone” that is capable of accessing the Internet and all theRead… Read more »

LGWN 2011

Two weeks ago the 4th annual Local Government Web Network Conference was held and it was good. Organised by Reem Abdelatey of the Local Government and Shires Associations, the conference is Australias only grass roots event with a focus on Local Government use of the internet. All in all it was an excellent couple ofRead… Read more »

How not to engage

Originally posted here: Hot on the heals of the announced cuts to the US online transparency programme comes another example of “How not to do Gov2.0” For those of you who may not be aware, the New Zealand city of Christchurch suffered a large earth quake (6.1 on the scale) back in late February,Read… Read more »

Congress cuts Data.Gov

Originally published: Once again someone is doing it wrong on the internet and I feel I need to point it out. In this case, the someone is the United States congress, which as part of its budgetary battle with the whitehouse has decided to reduce funding for a range of Gov2.0/Open Government initiatives fromRead… Read more »

Local Government “Lead Organisation” For Gov2.0

I was originally going to write a post responding to the Federal Governments response to the Gov2au Taskforce final report and how it relates to Local Government. However I think one of the recommendations deserves its own post. 2.1 A lead agency should be established within the Commonwealth public service with overall responsibility for advancingRead… Read more »

Icelandic Volcano strands people, Twitter allows them to fix it

For the last two days a volcano in Iceland has been spewing ash and rock high into the atmosphere with little indication that it is going to stop any time soon. The danger that the ash presents to aircraft (the particles are so fine and sharp they can destroy a jet engine) combined with theRead… Read more »

Caretaker Government meet Gov2.0

If you haven’t heard, the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has been to see the Queen about an election. Having done that, the British Government is now in what’s called Caretaker mode. In the Westminster system as it is practiced in Australian and the UK, once an election has been called and the warrants issuedRead… Read more »

Transport Data Exchange Programme – An OOOG Rating

Originally published here While we’re still waiting with bated breath for the details of the NSW Governments Apps4NSW competition, it appears that the NSW Government has released the first Dataset for third party use. The Transport Data Exchange Programme is a programme to allow third party developers to build applications based on the Timetable andRead… Read more »