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3 Reasons to Cut Congressional Pay in Half

The U.S. Congress has done it again. On Friday the House of Representatives voted to reject a long overdue end to the two-year old federal pay freeze. In effect, Congress is punishing federal civil servants for serving the public. It should be evident by now that federal employees have been castigated too much, for tooRead… Read more »

Federal Salary: It’s About Principles, Not Pay

In case you missed it, the latest study from the official Federal Salary Council (FSC) asserts that white-collar federal employees (“feds”) are paid a whopping 35% less than their private sector equivalents. Are federal executives really being short changed by more than one-third of their salary versus private sector peers? Feds don’t work in governmentRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: White House Caps Federal Pay Awards

In an effort to further trim the fat from the federal budget, the White House is capping the amount of money available for employee awards, according to the Washington Post. The new policy limits the total amount of money available for performance awards, not how much can be awarded to an individual. Specifically, the awardRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Federal Workers DON’T Make Enough Money!

It turns out that you, Federal workers, should make more money. That’s the conclusion of the Federal Salary Council, as reported by Ed O’Keefe at the Washington Post: “Panel to consider federal pay raises.” O’Keefe says: “The Federal Salary Council is likely to hear an annual report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on whereRead… Read more »

OPM Director Berry furious over federal pay editorial

Throughout the week, Federal News Radio has been covering the debate over federal employee pay. From an analysis in USA Today on Monday, to a rebuttal from the Bureau of Labor Statistics yesterday, there is a lot of anger on both sides of the issue. This morning, The Washington Times printed an editorial, The FederalRead… Read more »

BLS responds to stories about federal pay

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has weighed in on the recent USA Today article that said federal employees, on average, earn more than their private sector counterparts in more than eight out of ten occupations. In looking at the USA Today claims, BLS concluded that most of the data cited in the article comes fromRead… Read more »