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3 Reasons to Cut Congressional Pay in Half

The U.S. Congress has done it again. On Friday the House of Representatives voted to reject a long overdue end to the two-year old federal pay freeze. In effect, Congress is punishing federal civil servants for serving the public. It should be evident by now that federal employees have been castigated too much, for tooRead… Read more »

An Upside For Feds, No Federal Pay Freeze

Later today the House will vote on a plan to effectively lift the debt limit for four months, removing, or at least postponing, the threat of default. The bill, HR 325, temporarily extends the debt limit without seeking any concessions on spending, and allows Republicans a way to avoid having to actually cast a voteRead… Read more »

POTUS Re-Election: 5 Key Issues for Feds

With the 2012 Presidential Election now behind us, a host of key issues affecting federal employees nationwide are once again front and center. Following is a post-election primer presenting a snapshot of five key issue areas for Feds during President Obama’s second term. To watch the President’s acceptance speech, click here. 1) Sequestration & FiscalRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: How Would You Promote Diversity and Inclusion At Work?

Could your agency be doing a better job fostering diversity during the hiring process? Or maybe your agency does a good job recruiting diverse candidates but struggles with retention or employee development. While there are already structures in place to promote fair hiring, the White House wants the Federal workforce to become “a model ofRead… Read more »