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Lee on Redaction Failures in PACER

Timothy B. Lee of the Princeton University Department of Computer Science and Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP) has posted Studying the Frequency of Redaction Failures in PACER, on the CITP’s blog, Freedom to Tinker. In this post, Mr. Lee reports on research respecting documents from the U.S. federal courts’ PACER database. Using customized software,Read… Read more »

Mayer on The Free Law Reporter: Open Access to the Law and Beyond

John Mayer of the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI) has posted The Free Law Reporter – Open Access to the Law and Beyond, on the VoxPopuLII Blog, published by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School. In this post, Mr. Mayer describes The Free Law Reporter, CALI’s new free and open databaseRead… Read more »

New UK Free Case Law Service: Judgmental

Judgmental appears to be a new free case law service for the UK. Judgmental‘s content appears to include case law from the UK, ECJ, ECHR, and Ireland. The years of coverage seem to vary for each court. The Judgmental Website doesn’t appear to include a detailed description of its content, so one must browse inRead… Read more »

Accessing PACER Cases Free of Charge

A procedure for accessing full text judicial decisions free of charge on PACER — the U.S. federal courts’ database of court decisions and litigation materials — has been posted by Mark Rosch. The procedure has been recently discussed by Nick Moline of Justia. Oddly, this procedure does not seem to be mentioned in the FAQRead… Read more »

New Research on Sites that Publish Legal Information for Free on the Web

Isabelle Moncion of the Chair in Legal Information of the University of Montreal, and Lexum, has posted Building Sustainable LIIs – or Free Access to Law as Seen Through the Eyes of a Newbie, on the VoxPopuLII Blog, published by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School. In this post, Ms. Moncion describesRead… Read more »

Free Law Reporter: CALI’s New Free Law Resource, Built with RECOP Data

CALI, The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction, has launched The Free Law Reporter (FLR), a new, free, online source of full text U.S. federal and state court decisions, published from January 2011 to the present. Click here for a list of the content. FLR contains data from RECOP, The Weekly Report of Current Opinions, distributedRead… Read more »

New U.S. Court Decision Source: Justia Daily Opinion Summaries

A new, free, daily online service — called Justia Daily Opinion Summaries — that publishes summaries of new decisions of the U.S. federal circuit courts of appeal and selected U.S. state supreme courts, is now available from Justia. Justia CEO Tim Stanley is a member of our community. According to the original announcement: “All summariesRead… Read more »

Katz on Quantitative Legal Prediction

Daniel Martin Katz, of the University of Michigan’s Center for the Study of Complex Systems and Computational Legal Studies, has posted Quantitative Legal Prediction, slides from his presentation at NELIC 2011: The New and Emerging Legal Infrastructures Conference, held 15 April 2011 at Boalt Hall, Berkeley, California, USA. The presentation describes a model for theRead… Read more »

Iyengar on Free Access to Law in India

Prashant Iyengar of Alternative Law Forum and the Center for Internet and Society, has posted the abstract of his 2010 report on free access to law in India, entitled Free Access to Law: Is It Here to Stay? India, Country Report (July 2010), on SSRN. Here is the abstract: Sometime in early 2008, Sushant Sinha,Read… Read more »

New Free Database of U.S. Court Decisions, Using RECOP Data, by John Joergensen

John Joergensen of the Rutgers Camden Law Library has created a new, free, full-text database of what appear to be all judicial decisions issued by U.S. state and federal courts from January 2011 to present: State and Federal Caselaw from the RECOP Project. The database contains data from RECOP, The Weekly Report of Current Opinions,Read… Read more »