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New Jersey rolls back transparency

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie campaigned on promises of bringing increased transparency to New Jersey. Early on in his administration he launched a transparency website designed to highlight public information from state offices. Despite that, New Jersey last year the state comptroller issued a blistering report highlighting just how opaque the state really is. Now,Read… Read more »

Congress likely to partially restore eGov funding

From the article: Transparency advocates claimed a partial victory in the inclusion of $12.4 million for the flagship Electronic Government Fund in the omnibus spending package that is going before Congress for a vote on Dec. 16. The eGov fund pays for high-profile open government and innovation initiatives including, Federal IT Dashboard, andRead… Read more »

People Power: Harnessing Citizen Energy Via Social Media

Last week, I had the opportunity to present for the Maryland Association of Counties (MACO) summer meeting along with Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz. Earlier this year, he announced that Baltimore County would be launching 23 technology initiatives and he shared a bit about their social media efforts to communicate more effectively with citizens onRead… Read more »

Project IMPACT: Two New Reports

Two new reports were issued in June 2011 by the EU-funded Project IMPACT : Integrated Method for Policy Making Using Argument Modelling and Computer Assisted Text Analysis: A report on the Argument Analysis, Tracking and Visualisation tool (AVT) (specifically, a report “describ[ing] the requirements analysis and specification, as well as the construction plan” for thisRead… Read more »