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Wall Street Journal Reports on San Francisco Gamification Summit – Gamification is Becoming Big Business!

“Gamification is serious business,” according to the Wall Street Journal and their coverage of the Gamification Summit that happened in San Francisco this week – attracting well over 600 individuals from… For the whole story see:

Real-World Civic Innovation Through Online Gaming

Mark Drapeau (Washington, DC) — When you think of “games,” you might think of Gears of War for Xbox, or Angry Birds for iPhone, or perhaps Zynga games for Facebook. But increasingly, people working in the public and civic sectors see value in leveraging games and game mechanics to accomplish real-world change. In that vein,Read… Read more »

HR=Humans Represent: Shall We Play A Game?

So what do you think? Would playing a game inspire you into a future career? It seems more and more employers are entering the world of gaming – so look out Farmville! Recruiters are utilizing an organization specific game in hopes of snagging their next great employee – for those job seekers who are willingRead… Read more »

Friday Fab Five: Resumes 101, World of Gov-craft, and Random Hacks of Kindness

Congratulations! You made it through another week, which means it’s time for the… Friday Fab 5! Don’t power down that laptop or blackberry quite yet. We had a lot of great content this past week on GovLoop, and it’s now time to highlight some of the top contributions. Today’s Blog of the Week is actuallyRead… Read more »

Choose your own Democracy?

I don’t know if it’s true in the States, but over here, when I was a child, some books in a series called Choose your own Adventure were absolutely massive. Huge, in fact. They were bartered and traded with mass excitement, boys face shiny with enthusiasm and determination to get hold of the missing bookRead… Read more »

Can the Gaming Industry Save Foreign Aid From Looming Budget Cuts?

In the latest 2011 budget agreement, President Obama agreed to cut over $8 billion in foreign aid and assistance from the State Department and foreign operations budget. The money would have provided assistance in alleviating hunger, improving health and nutrition, and enhancing economic development in the poorest countries around the world. These measures have longRead… Read more »