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Why I Tweet? Amplifying Messages & Obtaining Results

Disclaimer: The post below was originally sent to a mailing list of people that are less familiar with social media tools, hence the basic explanatory nature of how Twitter works throughout the post. Lately there have been many articles and interviews, mostly from senior leaders, explaining why they use social media tools. Most of thoseRead… Read more »

The act of participating, not the process of managing participation

I was reading an interesting post earlier today ( A Better Way to Manage Knowledge – John Hagel III and John Seely Brown – Harvard Business Review) and it triggered a number of thoughts in my head. Perhaps the act of participating is far more important to get right then the process of managing thatRead… Read more »

The 90-9-1 Principle of Social Media

Just posted on OZloop – Is this an issue in the States? What are the implications of The 90 – 9 – 1 Principle for Gov 2.0 and citizen participation? And, indeed, for public servants engaging in robust online discussion. Here is a presentation given by Crispin Butteriss of Bang the Table on this issue.Read… Read more »

Sustainable Open Government

The cry for open government is rising and elected officials are delivering. But in the zeal to throw open the doors to the records vault, no one bothered to fully understand the impact except for those of us who actually work for government. But no one wants to hear from us. Politicians only care aboutRead… Read more »

Webinar next Wednesday on VA’s Supplier Relationship Transformation Effort

The Department of Veterans Affairs is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, December 9 at 10:00 AM EST to discuss the status of its Supplier Relationship Transformation Effort. VA began this innovative effort, working with the vendor community, to effectively and efficiently deliver the highest quality cost-effective products and services to Veterans, at the right time,Read… Read more »

A better question than “what’s the business case for Gov2.0?”

Don’t ask how do I make the business case for Gov2.0?”; tell us about your agency’s relationships, and the case will become obvious. Imagine that you’re a savvy Federal staffer in US Defense Military Health System Program. You’re excited by what the US Patent Office accomplished with its Peer to Patent program, eager to copyRead… Read more »

Legislink – Legislative URLs citation made easy

Note that this post is a cross post from my blog, Finding legislative materials is often have the battle of staying informed on what law makers are doing. Sites like and are aimed at making congressional information more accessible and do a good job at achieving this goal. A new project,,Read… Read more »

A Twitterfall in Congress?

I’m reading an advance copy of a great new book called “If We Can Put a Man on the Moon” by William D. Eggers and John O’Leary. The release date is set for November 19. Based on the first 100 pages, I’d compare it to the classic business books “Good to Great” or “Built toRead… Read more »