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Three Reasons Why the Social Media Guidelines for UAE Government are Vital

Few days ago, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) eGovernment has officially released a set of guidelines documents; one of them was Guidelines for Social Media Usage in UAE Government Entities. The document offers a set of guidelines for the government entities in UAE to manage their presence on social media websites and take actions onRead… Read more »

Looking for a listing of Social Media Policies and Guidelines?

We are developing a running list of the most recent government policies on social media, networking, and privacy. If you see that we are missing a policy memo, or guidelines from a government agency, please let me know. Take a look at our list so far (it’s small but it’s growing!):

Twitter Guidelines for Local Government

Below is a near-final draft of Roanoke County, Virginia’s Twitter Guidelines. This is structured as a working guideline document to help guide our local county departments on how to implement Twitter, appropriate usage, while lending some oversight authority to our Web 2.0 Working Group (cross-departmental collection of Web 2.0 geeks). Our county could probably fieldRead… Read more »