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A web-based portfolio is your creative suitcase and a critical part of your web presence. Pack it carefully and your portfolio becomes the visual component of whatever story you want to tell. The creativity that you unleash by packaging your portfolio will spark further innovation. Protect that spark. It may well be what your currentRead… Read more »

SUCCESS RULE # 30 Maintain a Success Portfolio

A success portfolio is simply a way to provide evidence of your productivity. Why is this important? First, it is a constant reminder of, and accountability to, your success. If you’ve followed these rules and tools, you will recall the first rule is, Success . . . it’s everything you think it is. Success buildsRead… Read more »

How federal agencies save money by running IT like a business

The Federal CIO’s 25-Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal IT Management mandated that federal agencies complete progress reports and plans for data center consolidation. As a result, fiscal year 2011 brought the closure of more than 81 data centers, with more than 900 scheduled to shutter by FY2015, for a cost savings of nearly $5Read… Read more »

How federal CIOs can optimize their application portfolios

CIOs in the federal sector were under the gun clean house by June 12, 2012. According to the federal IT Reform Plan, these tech leaders had to demonstrate to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) that, after careful review of their portfolios, they had remedied or retired underperforming applications. I recently wrote about theRead… Read more »

Federal CIOs must become portfolio managers–here’s how

In August 2012, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget stated in a memo that federal CIOs should become true portfolio managers. The memo was aimed at heads of executive departments and agencies and was released as part of the U.S. federal IT reform plan. As with most OMB memos, it contained a lotRead… Read more »

Federal Government Reform Resources: Anticipatory Governance Report

What happens beyond the Fiscal Cliff? A blue-ribbon cast of distinguished former federal leaders – largely from the national security community – have endorsed a three-part blueprint for governing in the 21st century. Former Vice Presidential National Security Advisor Leon Fuerth, working with Evan Faber, has released a white paper that has been a decadeRead… Read more »

Think, write, repeat

While you may be able to download an application that turns even your crappy cell phone pics into something hipsters will rave about on Facebook, or transform your worst karaoke showing into a pop song that would make Bieber proud, there isn’t an app on earth that can make you a better critical thinker, orRead… Read more »

GBE101: Grant (Sponsored Project) Funding, part 1 of 14

Welcome to this ongoing series on grants and/or sponsored funding. This series is designed for businesses with a highlighted Metro DCite focus from the Government Business Examiner for Washington DC. An additional series is being shared on the National Writing Examiner, with a suite of sister data relative to authors, educators, writer community organizations, andRead… Read more »