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Tapping Open Source: Linux Philosophy and the Government

This blog post was written by DLT Solutions’ Matt Micene, Engineering Team Lead for the company’s blog. You can visit the full blog by clicking HERE. —– With Mil-OSS WG4 over and 2012’s Red Hat Government Symposium kicking off on Tuesday, my mind naturally wanders to topics such as “The Open Source Way” and howRead… Read more »

Red Hat Overhauls the Enterprise Software Stack (report from Red Hat Summit and JBoss World)

A few people expressed interest in this conference and asked me to report back on it. So here’s my blog: I didn’t catch any talks directly related to government. One interesting talk was on implementing mobile applications in health care using open source SOA tools and libraries.

Squeezing blood out of closed source software customers

I just saw the new on Microsoft’s new “pricing plan” for its “free” online version of office. While working my way through grad school doing consulting for a medium sized business, I see once again the “incompatibility creep” being introduced in the new version of office. Since the company uses Open Office – I wonderRead… Read more »