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No More Gambling for Your Pension

Congrats! You just won your state’s lottery! But there’s a catch. You aren’t actually going to receive any of the money. Or if you do, it will be a tiny fraction. Imagine that you worked your entire life for this pot of gold. For public employees, receiving your promised pension and retirement plan funding isRead… Read more »

Windfall Elimination The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) only impacts individuals who earned a pension in any job and did not pay Social Security taxes, but worked long enough in other jobs to be eligible for Social Security Retirement or benefits due to disability. The Windfall Elimination Provision impacts Social Security benefits when any of an employee’sRead… Read more »

Friday Fab Five: Vanishing Pensions, Sting Operations, and the Wisdom of Crowds

It’s time to “take 5” for the… Friday Fab 5! We had a busy week here on the site. Lots of great content and even more great comments! I wish we could recognize them all, but alas, we only have the time to highlight a few. So without further ado… Today’s Blog of the WeekRead… Read more »

VA Must Restructure To Effectively Process Veterans Claims

Gregg Zoroya in an article which ran in the USA Today Newspaper on April 6, 2011 wrote about the VA backlog of claims increasing tremendously from 200,000 to a whopping 450,000 from 2009. He said in the article, that VA had expected an increase in claims and hired an additional 3000 employees, which brought theRead… Read more »