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A Year of Technology Trends and Innovations

When I think of the future of technological innovation and development, my mind first goes to artificial intelligence and robots. But technological innovation doesn’t have to be quite as grandiose, and digital innovation is present today. In terms of government, local, state and federal agencies are challenging their former risk-adverse natures and creating new innovationRead… Read more »

Technology Trendsetters Busting Through Risk Aversion

In the fast-paced world of technology, government often is the ham in the sandwich – one slice of bread is technological innovation and the other is budget restrictions and risk aversion. Finding balance between these opposing drives is an uphill battle, but many government agencies continue to step up to the challenge. 2014 marked anotherRead… Read more »

Leveraging Data from the Internet of Things

My dad loves his gadgets, especially when it comes to cooking. I couldn’t name half of the contraptions and devices he has bought that are now floating around the family kitchen. And each one seems to have a new electronic component, like his barbeque skewer that digitally conveys the temperature and other data about theRead… Read more »

How Do You Balance Risk Against Innovation for Cyber?

The following blog post is an excerpt from a recent GovLoop guide: Your Cybersecurity Crash Course. We solicited the GovLoop community to learn their top cyber challenges. In the report, we answer 12 of their most pressing cyber questions. In today’s technologically inundated world, cybersecurity is an issue that affects public and private sectors alike. GovLoop recently hadRead… Read more »

Ho, Ho, Hoax: Tips to Avoid Holiday Cyber Scams

It’s around dawn, and you wake up with excited butterflies in your stomach. This isn’t any normal morning. This is Christmas morning, and you know you definitely landed on Santa’s Nice List this year. Once the realization hits that it’s Christmas Day, the comforter flies off and feet hit the ground running toward the tree.Read… Read more »

Driving Government Services via Customer Needs

What drives you? We all have different things that motivate us to work hard. Whether this stems from the inspiration you get from your kids or from a childhood goal you set at the age of ten, we all are driven by different motivations. Our passions are our fuel, and without them, we feel restlessRead… Read more »

Teeter-Tottering Between Mobile Security and Innovation

Most playgrounds have some equipment in common: swings, monkey bars, a teeter-totter. I loved teeter-tottering, and every time I’d fly up to the sky, adrenaline would build until I’d fall back to the ground. And reaching that balance point with my teeter-totter partner was the biggest challenge. Finding balance is an important life skill, andRead… Read more »

Card Cataloging for Government Acquisitions

Before the invention of the Internet, libraries depended entirely on card catalogs. Although painstakingly tedious for any librarian, organizing card catalogs is an almost fail-proof method of documenting the overwhelming inventory of any library. And general cataloging standards tend to be standardized across most libraries. Card cataloging or any standardization method can make almost allRead… Read more »