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New UK eParticipation Effort: Top ePetitions to Become Legislation

In 2011, the most popular citizen-created petitions on the Website will be drafted as legislation in the UK Parliament, and petitions receiving a certain level of support will be guaranteed a debate in the House of Commons, according to stories in The Guardian and The Financial Times published 28 December 2010. This ePetition measureRead… Read more »

New Law-Related Citizens’ Participation Project: Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review

The Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review (CIR) is a recent, notable, law-related, citizens’ participation effort. The CIR convenes a representative group of Oregon citizens to devote one week to learning about, deliberating about, and voting on a proposed Oregon ballot initiative. Statements expressing the group’s votes, and the stated reasons for their votes, are then includedRead… Read more »

Hall on Electronic Voting & Direct Democracy

Dr. Joseph Lorenzo Hall of the UC Berkeley School of Information and the Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy has posted Electronic Voting and Direct Democracy, on the VoxPopuLII Blog, published by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School. In his post, Dr. Hall describes the shortcomings of current electronic voting and InternetRead… Read more »

What Do Citizen Lawmakers Need to Know?

My new post on Slaw is entitled What Do Citizen Lawmakers Need to Know? The post explores the information needs of nonlawyer citizens who are engaged in online lawmaking, in contexts such as eRulemaking, eConsultation respecting proposed legislation or regulations, or legislative or constitutional referenda. The post is an initial attempt at addressing the question:Read… Read more »