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Securing the Ports and Securing the Nation – One Man’s Mission

In the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks, much of the focus in the transportation world was on securing the nation’s airports. But what about the other access points across the country? How secure were America’s many ports? It was that question Anthony Regalbuto, Chief, Office of International and Domestic Port Security, set aboutRead… Read more »

During Public Service Recognition Week, it’s all about the Sammies finalists – Plus 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: We talk about innovation all the time on the DorobekINSIDER. Innovative apps. Innovative procurements. Innovative technology. But we rarely highlight innovative people who are doing things differently. The Partnership for Public Service operates the Excellence in Government Fellows Program. It’s a leadership development opportunity for GS-14 and 15s that prepares leadersRead… Read more »

Excellence on Display – The Oscars for Federal Employees

The Service to America Medals are the Oscars of public service awards. The annual awards – by the Partnership for Public Service – are given to outstanding public servants. Last year’s recipients included a NIH scientist who found the superbug infecting patients, a NASA rocket scientist who helped create the Mars Rover and a youngRead… Read more »

Shutdown and Shutout? Are you considering leaving gov?

We are now in day eight of the government shutdown and with no resolution in sight, many are starting to worry about the long-term ramifications of the shutdown. One of those ramifications could be young people turning away from government service. And who could blame them? The shutdown and sequestration have turned the once stableRead… Read more »

Positively Defiant – How These Feds Focus On Mission

Furloughed feds were on display last night at the annual Service to America Medals. The Oscars for federal employees. The Sammies bring together the best and the brightest career employees to honor their work at the annual gala. But this year’s Sammies were marred by the government shutdown. Four of the winners are on furloughRead… Read more »

What keeps me in the government is…

“What has kept in me in the federal government is the satisfaction of knowing I am making a difference. Yes it has been tough, there have been furloughs and negative discussions, but for the people that work here at the FBI, they take great pride in their work and their whole mission is to justRead… Read more »

Profile of government excellence – Helps us remember the importance of gov

One of the only ways to get through the horribleness that is the government shutdown is to remember all the good work that federal employees do on a daily basis. Tomorrow night is the annual Service to America Medals gala. The Oscars for career federal employees. Dr. Paul Jablonski is a metallurgist with the DepartmentRead… Read more »

Look at what the gov can do when it’s not shutdown

It happened. The federal government shutdown. But in all the coverage of the political debacle, the Senator Ted Cruz filibuster, the Obamacare riders, one thing seems to be overshadowed, the federal employees themselves. More than a third, or 800,000, federal employees have been furloughed as of today. More than a third of the government workforceRead… Read more »

Engaging Youth in #Democracy Abroad – Plus your weekend reads

“One in five people living in the Middle East and North Africa are under the age of 24. 60% of people across the globe are under the age of 30. 65% in the middle east and north africa are under the age of 35. This is not only the future, but it is a demographicRead… Read more »

Landing Curiosity, meet the man behind NASA’s rover – Plus your weekend reads!

Why go to Mars? ‘Cause it’s next. ‘Cause we came out of the cave, and we looked over the hill and we saw fire; and we crossed the ocean and we pioneered the west, and we took to the sky. The history of man is hung on a timeline of exploration and this is what’sRead… Read more »