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Federal Success — NIH scientist fights back against bone marrow failures

Bone marrow — most of us don’t fully understand what it is, let alone why it fails. But Dr. Neal Young does. He is the world’s leading expert in the field of bone marrow failure. His groundbreaking research at the National Institute for Health has led to life-saving treatments for a rare and deadly bloodRead… Read more »

Disaster Intervention Strategy: A Team Effort with local, state, federal and NGOs

Just hours after the Joplin tornado tore through Joplin, Missouri, an experienced team of Americorps and Senior Corps arrived in the devastated town and began relief efforts. Within three days, the Americorps and Senior Corps team had reached 200; by one month: 300. These members were crucial in directing and managing the 60,000 volunteers thatRead… Read more »

HUD and VA team up to put an end to Veteran homelessness

Some have called it a “national disgrace,” the presence of thousands of homeless veterans on American streets and in shelters. In 2010 President Obama made a strong statement, saying that his administration would end homelessness by 2015. But how do you do that? The Departments of Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs teamed upRead… Read more »

SAMMIES Finalist Improving Transportation One “Black Box” at a Time

In 2009, the US Airways Flight 1549 emergency landing on the Hudson River made international news as “The Miracle on the Hudson”. The ditching of the aircraft and successful rescue of all passengers and crew was recognized as a “heroic and unique aviation achievement”. In the aftermath of the downed flight, one of the criticalRead… Read more »

An AIDS Free Generation — How one Sammies Finalist is making it happen

In the 1980s, an AIDS diagnosis was considered a death sentence. Even more troubling was the number of children who contracted the disease from their mother. But thanks in part to the work of Dr. Lynne Mofenson, future generations won’t have to worry about being born with HIV or AIDS. She pioneered a clinical trialRead… Read more »

Dorobek Dose: Meet the NIH scientist helping to end pediatric AIDS — Sammies Finalist

Happy Thursday — Chris Dorobek is off this week. So I will be filling in. We are going to do the show a bit differently. Each day we will feature a Dose of Dorobek — a shorter five minute interview that focuses on helping you do your job better and tips for navigating around GovLoop.Read… Read more »

Saving lives with inter-agency teamwork — how one Sammies finalist is reducing medical errors

Every year, tens of thousands of patients die or are harmed by preventable medical errors such as pharmaceutical prescription mistakes, hospital acquired infections and surgical missteps. Breakdowns in communication among doctors, nurses and other care providers are a leading cause of these tragic errors. James Battles is a social science analyst at the Agency forRead… Read more »

Making telework work at PTO and why the transition to Networx’s has been a BIG challenge

On today’s program Telework — many organizations talk about it. One has done it — and in a big way. It’s the Patent and Trademark Office. And an amazing statistic for you — more than 8,000 people at PTO are eligible to telework. Of those, more than 80 percent of them actually do it. We’reRead… Read more »

The Patent and Trademark Office TELEWORK’S — to the tune of 80% — how did they do it?

Telework — let’s be honest, it feels like we have been talking about it for years and it feels like scant progress is made each year. That may be true for many organizations, but for the Patent and Trademark Office, they are widely recognized as the telework leader across government. At PTO, more than 8,000Read… Read more »

How eDiplomacy is changing the State Dept. and Crowdfunding Civic Projects

Happy Monday we are just days away from GovLoop’s Next Generation of Government Training Summit happening later this week. On today’s DorobekINSIDER The State Department is the federal government’s first agency, so you talk about a culture. But the State Department has been at the forefront of what is being called eDiplomacy or digital diplomacy.Read… Read more »