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To Infinity and Beyond – Or At Least to Savings

Space: the final frontier. When you look into the night sky, up at the stars, you can’t help but dream of exploration. A trip to the moon. A map of the constellations. A ride on a solar flare. But in 2011, NASA changed the space game: they terminated the space shuttle program. But that didn’tRead… Read more »

Can You Really Disconnect? Tips for a Phone-Free Summer Vacation

Summer. The word conjures images of beaches, baseball and hot, humid nights. For many employees, summer is also the perfect time to take a vacation, especially if you have kids. But often times, those pesky connected devices keep adults from truly taking a break. Instead of cuddling up with a New York Times best sellerRead… Read more »

Here’s Looking at You, Kid – You’re a Government Rock Star

In high school, I was a cheerleader. Pom poms and football games were my Friday night. That might not sound like a good time for many, but for me, it was the ultimate. Why? Because I honestly believe that people perform better when their good work is recognized – and I loved rooting for othersRead… Read more »

Securing the Ports and Securing the Nation – One Man’s Mission

In the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks, much of the focus in the transportation world was on securing the nation’s airports. But what about the other access points across the country? How secure were America’s many ports? It was that question Anthony Regalbuto, Chief, Office of International and Domestic Port Security, set aboutRead… Read more »

Do Government Managers Need To Go on Undercover Boss?

Are you and your boss on the same page? If you work in the federal government, the answer is likely no. The Best Places to Work analysis from the Partnership for Public Service and Deloitte found for those agencies looking to drive change, the disparity between your view of gov and your boss’s suggest employeesRead… Read more »

Are You Happy? Clap Along If You Feel Like Gov Is For You

“Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof Because I’m happy Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth Because I’m happy Clap along if you know what happiness is to you Because I’m happy Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do” – “Happy,” Pharrell WilliamsRead… Read more »

Picking out the bright spots in the Best Places to Work Survey – plus your weekend reads!

We get it, the numbers from the latest Best Places to Work in the federal government are grim. Government wide satisfaction is down to 57% the lowest score in the 10 year history of the survey. It is hard to work for the government right now. But there were some bright spots. Despite some reallyRead… Read more »

Best Places to Work Numbers Are Out – How Can Gov Get Its Mojo Back?

The 2013 Best Places to Work data present a disturbing picture of federal employees throughout the government who are increasingly dissatisfied with their jobs and workplaces. Government-wide, the federal employee job satisfaction and commitment level dropped for the third year in a row, tumbling 3 points to a score of 57.8 on a scale ofRead… Read more »

What’s Ahead for 2014 – More shutdowns, sequestration and shenanigans?

The end of the year means two things: setting unrealistic New Year’s resolutions and endless retrospectives. While we can’t force you to put down the cake and pick up a carrot, we can help you do your job better by highlighting some of the biggest and best innovations to come out of government in theRead… Read more »