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911 Made Safer – Protecting EMTs!

We’ve all seen an ambulance racing down the street, sirens blaring, weaving in and out of traffic. But sometimes in the rush to get to the hospital in the fastest way possible another tragedy can strike. In 2010, a medic, patient and passenger all died when the ambulance driver lost control on an icy roadRead… Read more »

Finding the Real Life Heroes of Orange is the New Black

If you’re anything like me, “Orange is the New Black” has taken over your life. The show illustrates the difficult and fascinating life within the walls of a federal prison. The show is fiction, but the cruel world OITNB depicts is sadly often representative of what really happens in federal penitentiaries. But there are thoseRead… Read more »

Keeping You Safe – Protecting You Against Bad Prescription Drugs

We depend on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to protect our health by providing information and regulation for drugs and medical devices. But sometimes when times get tough, the FDA needs to depend on someone as well. Marcia Crosse, Director at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) for the Health Care team, is that pillar.Read… Read more »

Lessons Learned from the Cleanup of Hurricane Sandy – How to Track the $$$

Hurricane Sandy was one of the deadliest on record. The massive storm took the lives of 117 people in the United States and 69 more in Canada and the Caribbean. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) estimates that Sandy caused $5 billion dollars in losses: $4.75 billion in infrastructure damage and a further $246 million inRead… Read more »

To Infinity and Beyond – Or At Least to Savings

Space: the final frontier. When you look into the night sky, up at the stars, you can’t help but dream of exploration. A trip to the moon. A map of the constellations. A ride on a solar flare. But in 2011, NASA changed the space game: they terminated the space shuttle program. But that didn’tRead… Read more »

It’s a bird, it’s a plane – it’s Superman!…nope, even better: it’s NASA

It’s a bird, it’s a plane – it’s Superman!…nope, even better: it’s NASA. NASA has eyes in the skies, helping to monitor and protect us. Each day, NASA satellites collect and transmit valuable data about environmental conditions on earth, including climate change and the impact of natural disasters. But this information is useless without theRead… Read more »

Houston, We Don’t Have A Problem: Space Made Safe

More than a half million pieces of space debris are orbiting the earth, at speeds up to 17,500 miles per hour. Clearly this debris is a safety concern for astronauts aboard the International Space Station, but it also threatens to damage or destroy spacecraft and critical military, intelligence, communications, weather and navigation satellites. Richard RastRead… Read more »

Here’s Looking at You, Kid – You’re a Government Rock Star

In high school, I was a cheerleader. Pom poms and football games were my Friday night. That might not sound like a good time for many, but for me, it was the ultimate. Why? Because I honestly believe that people perform better when their good work is recognized – and I loved rooting for othersRead… Read more »

Securing the Ports and Securing the Nation – One Man’s Mission

In the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks, much of the focus in the transportation world was on securing the nation’s airports. But what about the other access points across the country? How secure were America’s many ports? It was that question Anthony Regalbuto, Chief, Office of International and Domestic Port Security, set aboutRead… Read more »