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Nominate a Govie Today!

Have you ever heard of a customer comment card-in government? Neither have I, but there is a way to thank your fellow federal govies for their great work. The Partnership for Public Service has once again opened their nominations for the annual Service to America Medals (also known as the Sammies), but hurry because theRead… Read more »

Thank Govies-They Make Differences That Affect Us All

Ever read about someone else’s impressive accomplishments and feel like you are reading about a distant, far-off land where superheroes exist and they have nothing to do with you? The truth is, those superheroes are real people who do affect your lives. You may not know it, but your govies here in the U.S. areRead… Read more »

How the Gov Got Rid of Chemical Weapons – Safely

On August 21st, 2013 Syrian President Bashar al-Assad carried out an attacked that killed more than 1,400 Syrian civilians with sarin-a chemical weapon used as a nerve agent. In the wake of the attack, a worldwide call for action was launched to get rid of the chemical weapons stockpile. Timothy Blades, Director of Operations atRead… Read more »

No More Shaking the Foundation

Feeling the ground trembling beneath your feet can be an incredibly unnerving and freighting experience. One of the raging natural disasters the world has come to know over the years are earthquakes. Although our research on earthquakes has increased tremendously over the last few decades, we still deal with a lot of destruction and damageRead… Read more »

Fighting Human Trafficking with the EEOC

Drugs and illegal firearms. These are usually the first things to pop in your head when you think of the black market. But what is another, less easily documented crime? Human trafficking. Yes, slavery still exists today. And human trafficking is currently one of the fastest growing black market activities, with unreported cases numbering inRead… Read more »