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Pre-Proposal Conference Offered via Webinar at No Cost to Government Agency

The City of San Diego has issued an RFP for Managed Competition – Landfill Operations. The process requires a mandatory site visit and pre-proposal conference. The City has engaged the services of Green Proposals to manage their pre-proposal conference process via webinar. Green Proposals delivers high-quality online pre-proposal meeting services that quickly bring sizeable timeRead… Read more »

Changing the government IT landscape with CloudStore

On Sunday, February 19, the Government Procurement Service officially launched CloudStore for UK central government and local authorities. The UK government first proposed the G-Cloud initiative over two years ago with the goal of bringing a wider range of cloud suppliers to the public sector while increasing the flexibility of procurement contracts. The programme wantedRead… Read more »

Improving Efficiency

With budgets expected to be cut, it is more importan than ever that organizations look for efficiencies. Places to look include and group output, error rates which cause rework, the number of people on leave, (especially sick leave and LWOP), overtime, workers’ compensation, individual and union time. Also, how many people are on direct laborRead… Read more »

Smart Streamlining

Two new reports out this past week focus on tools and techniques for agencies to cope with the new fiscal austerity they face in years ahead. One is by the Partnership for Public Service, the other by the Government Accountability Office. They are both worth reading because they focus on smart ways to make cutsRead… Read more »

Useful Resources from Learning Pool’s Community Day

Learning Pool are delighted with the benefits gained by our members in attending this year’s Community Day particularly as it encompassed our emphasis on Local Government sharing and collaborating. Below you will find resources from the day including presentations from members of the Learning Pool Community on topics such as Rolling out and delivering e-learning,Read… Read more »

Project of the Week: Cutting Budgets? Cut the Power!

We’re all being asked to cut back on our budgets these days – cuts are taking place in local, state and federal agencies across the country. And while many of the budgetary decisions in the federal government will fall in the hands of the “super congress” this fall, there’s at least one way that eachRead… Read more »

My Cup of IT – A Penny Saved…

By Steve O’Keeffe Interesting times for America’s pocketbook. Aging population (count me in – I just joined AARP). Sputtering economy. Declining tax base. More demand for services. Four solutions. Euthanasia – unpopular with AARP. Increase the birth rate – unpopular with working moms. Increase immigration – unpopular in Arizona. Innovate – send Uncle SamRead… Read more »

78 Cloud Projects: Less Than Meets the Eye

Thanks to increasingly powerful networking and mobile devices, the idea of cloud is going mainstream. In the federal government, CIO Vivek Kundra last month compiled a list of 78 cloud computing initiatives agencies had identified. But analysis of the list shows that the 19 departments or agencies who reported cloud projects are taking a decidelyRead… Read more »

The Retirement vs. College Savings Smackdown!

Goal: Find a smart strategy for retirement and college savings. 4 Steps to Saving Responsibly: 1. Save 3-6 months of debt payments and other critical expenses. 2. Accelerate payments of high-interest debt so that the total debt you owe is decreasing every month, even if only slightly (meaning you are paying more than the financeRead… Read more »