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4 ways to turn what you’re already doing into blog posts

Originally posted to the ChatterBachs blog: Sometimes when I talk to people about social media, I get the distinct impression that they don’t know what to talk about on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or on blogs. And, yet, when I ask them about their position, business, or industry, they often come across with such passion andRead… Read more »

ChatterBachs announces #SMfastfwd tweetchats

Originally posted to the ChatterBachs blog: ChatterBachs will host tweetchats on Twitter using the hashtag #SMfastfwd on Wednesdays at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time, beginning Wednesday, November 3rd. #SMfastfwd discussions will revolve around the latest trends and technologies in social media as well as the people and organizations in this space. Please submit your ideas forRead… Read more »

Top 9 Things I Hear Myself Saying About Social Media to Others

Just posted to the ChatterBachs blog: “Top 9 Things I Hear Myself Saying About Social Media to Others” Re-printed here on GovLoop in its entirety: As I talk with others about social media and the power of it, there are certain phrases or concepts I find myself repeating often. I thought I’d turn theseRead… Read more »

Getting started on Twitter (and BONUS glossary of terms)

Posted to the ChatterBachs blog and re-posted in its entirety below. I know for some Twitter is a big mystery, a riddle placed before us to perplex the souls of all who dare enter! Therefore, I’d like to provide a quick tutorial on the use of Twitter. If you’re just getting started, there are aRead… Read more »